Refer to our schedule for start dates and times as well as registration open dates and times!

Please pay attention to the dates, times, and locations of each Class. Every Participant must register individually. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email if an email address has been provided. Providing an email address is strongly recommended as this is the primary method of contact for important news, updates, and other information related to your child’s registration.

Louisville Metro Area Classes 2022:

Class Dates and Time Are Subject to Change before Registration Start Date!!!

Monday – Shawnee

Tuesday – Long Run, Sun Valley

Wednesday – Seneca, Girls Only! @ Bobby Nichols

Thursday Quail Chase, Girls Only! @ Shawnee, Clear Creek Golf Center


When does registration start? 

Registration will begin on the REGISTRATION OPENS date at 9 AM!!!!!

How long are the Classes? 

The Classes are 7-week classes that last for one hour and fifteen minutes each week (9 total hours for the session).

How much are Classes?

For an entire 7 week session, we only charge $50. This includes instruction, beginner set of golf clubs, and more! If you are eligible for free/reduced lunch or unable to pay this charge, we have scholarships available that will allow the Class to be FREE.

This ONE TIME charge will be assessed during the registration process.

The available scholarship code can be found during the payment portion of the registration process. Once you have entered the code, the price will change to $0.

Do I need to sign up for PLAYer or Par? 

PLAYer Classes are generally reserved for Participants between the ages of 6-9.

Par Classes are generally reserved for Participants between the ages of 10-15.

Please contact us directly for any Participants over the age of 15 (we do have Classes available). 

My child has a lot of experience with golf, can I sign up for an advanced Class? 

Please remember that our Classes are youth development Classes that focus on LIFE SKILLS and HEALTHY HABITS curriculum. We do not strictly focus on golf skills. Please Click Here to access additional information on this curriculum.

What If I have more questions? 

Call us:  502-772-9494

Email us: [email protected]