2022 First Tee – Louisville Development Tour

Hello parents and participants, the 2022 Development Tour season is about to begin. This season will have four team events along with four individual events and a points qualifying Tour Championship to end the season. This season will run from the month of April till through September with events at 8 different locations. The purpose of this tour is to get our participants interested in the world of competitive golf in a family friendly environment. For 2022 we have decided to add a point system, and points will add up throughout the year and qualifiying partcipants will compete in our new Development Tour Championship of Confidence. While the point system will be in effect, we still want to make sure all events are friendly and fun. The point of this tour is not to produce the next Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus or Nelly Korda. This is a chance for youth to get a feel for what competitive golf is all about in a relaxed enviorment. Parent caddies will be allowed and encouraged. The following notes goes more in depth on the subjects above. Thank you and welcome to the First Tee–Louisville Development Tour.

Tournament Schedule

Sportsmanship Showdown at Shawnee

Iroquis Integrity Invitational

Charlie Vettiner Perseverance Challenge

Long Run Responsibility Open 

Honesty Shootout at Seneca

Tournament of Respect at Sun Valley 

Clear Creek Courtesy Classic

The Judgement Qualifier at Bobby Nichols

 The Development Tour Championship of Confidence

Scoring and Prizes: Each participant will be given a scorecard and there will be a leaderboard for each division. Prizes will be given to the top finishers of their respected divisions. 

PGA Junior League exists to bring communities together through fun, team golf experiences…plus those experiences that trancend golf itself, like friendships that last for years to come or a newfound sense of confidence. In 2020, nearly 1,700 PGA Professional Captains rose to the challenges of the pandemic by creating responsible team golf experiences for nearly 37,000 kids. PGA Junior League developed program-specific guidelines within the framework of the industry-wide Back2Golf Guidelines that were approved by medical advisors in alignment with the Centers for Diease Control (CDC), with the intent of resuming PGA Junior League in the most responsible way. First Tee – Louisville Coaches will be the heads of teams at Shawnee and Bobby Nichols Golf Courses. 2022 Player registration is now open!

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