Safety rules and regulations for programming following CDC and local guidelines due to COVID-19. All of this is to make sure that we create a safe environment for the participants and all of our volunteers. This new plan includes Set up, Check in, Warm ups, Stations, Breaks, and Wrapping up.  Per the new CDC guidelines for outdoor events, masks are recommended for all staff and coaches but are not mandatory. Social distancing for youth and coaches will remain the same.

Set Up:

Set up extra trash cans around the lesson areas and designated areas (DA).

Check bathrooms to make sure it is stocked with the right amount of supplies and sanitized 

Check In:

There will be no name tags for participants, they will receive a bag tag week one.

A coach will be placed at each designated area for participants and parents.

The lead coach will then take all kids to the lesson area.

The staff member on sight will then collect all forms and checks from parents (at this time the coach at the parental designated area can move to the lesson area).

Warm Up:

Participants will be put in a socially distanced warm up circle.

During roll call participants will be given their set of clean sanitized clubs. (Week 1)

Coaches will then go over social distancing and why it is important (This will be part of the every week route).

Break participants up and send to stations (10 or less per station with no more than 20 youth per lesson).


Each participant will be given their own designated area at the stations.

Explain social distancing again, along with that the clubs, tees and golf balls given to each participant are not to be used by any of the other youth.

Demonstrate and give visuals of the activity as well as answer any questions.

Coaches can then proceed with the activity


There will be a cooler full of water bottles and snack bags at the snack table.

The coach in charge of the snack table will be given gloves and a mask.

The parent will put a snack bag and bottle of water on the table for participants to receive individually.

Wrapping Up:

Once stations are done participants will return to their spot in the warm up circles.

As participants are getting back into the warm up circle, the coach who was in charge of the parental designated area will return to the parents and help them let them know the order in which their children will be dismissed. 

Participants will be dismissed one at a time.